Representation of intellectual property with a magnifying glass and checklists.

Navigating the intricate world of Intellectual Property (IP) due diligence during a business asset sale is no small feat. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned business professional, or just IP-curious, understanding the nuances of IP due diligence can be crucial in ensuring a smooth transaction.

A depiction of tax data being transmitted abroad. Has a globe, flags, and people.

Does the IRS send tax data abroad? The Maxcrest case clarifies that the IRS can share tax data internationally. This aligns with IRC provisions for issuing summonses for tax data exchange. Tax Law developments confirm IRS’s authority in cross-border tax information sharing and the requirements for ‘good faith’ in summonses.

Depiction of a commercial street with businesses displaying signs for corporate elections and an IRS building.

Dive into the world of corporate elections with our latest blog! Discover the power of choice for LLCs in tax treatment, learn about changing elections, and explore real-world examples.

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Discover the essentials of the Corporate Transparency Act: who must report, filing deadlines, and why it matters for a transparent corporate world. Don’t miss key info on compliance and penalties!

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