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Welcome to our small family firm with international scale. Our specialists are professionals with multi-year experience in law and with the clients we serve. Our Attorneys have deep knowledge and experience in tax, startup/small business, wealth management, estates and trusts, oil and gas, and international law.

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Our client service and back-office management systems leverage the latest technology in order to keep client costs low and service quality high. Most of our services are billed based on flat fee contracts, we don't like unpredictable expenses. We provide practical advice in plain English (or Russian, or German, ...).

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The partners and staff of our law firm seek to empower you. Whether you are in need of tax services, looking for advice on managing money or starting a business, we are here for you. Our focus is on being lawyers who help you to say "yes, we can do that." We find solutions, we explain, we empower.

Insights and Analysis

On Friday evening August 7, 2020, U.S. President Donald Trump signed a presidential memorandum on, “Deferring Payroll Tax Obligations in Light of the Ongoing COVID-19 Disaster”. While the memo (some have erroneously titled this an executive order) claims to help employees by deferring payroll tax collection until 2021, it creates a massive tax risk for ... [Read more]

The Team at Alliance Law Firm International PLLC wishes all who celebrate a happy 4th of July. May it bring light and hope in to our lives.

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) Tax Benefits for Individuals

On March 27, 2020, Congress passed and the administration signed the third in a series of major Coronavirus relief bills called the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). The purpose of the Bill is to stimulate the American economy during the Coronavirus pandemic. The CARES Act is arguably the largest change to ... [Read more]