Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) Certified Acceptance Agent Service

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Our Firm provides Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA) service for obtaining an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). This service is normally provided for our clients who have other matters with us, however, we do offer this service to the general public.

Why choose us over doing it yourself?

The IRS requires original documentation to obtain an ITIN. This means sending your passport or other identifying document to the IRS in Austin, Texas for 1-2 months. As a Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA), we can verify the authenticity of your documents and submit your application. You will be without your documents for no more than 5-10 minutes.

Persons who are not trained in submission of the W-7 Application for an ITIN frequently make mistakes resulting in rejection of the ITIN application. This can lead to more paperwork over a span of months, or possibly result in the loss of certain tax deductions or refunds. As a CAA, we are trained in submitting the W-7 and can give you the most support possible to get an ITIN from the IRS.

If you need an ITIN, please read the following before contacting us:

  1. We are a private law firm and we are not affiliated with, nor do we represent the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the U.S. Government.
  2. ALL ITIN applicants MUST contact us by phone, mail, fax, or e-mail to set up an appointment in advance. We do not accept walk-in appointments.
  3. ITINs are issued at the discretion of the IRS. We can assist in filing a correct application, however, we do not control decisions made by the IRS.
  4. We must meet the ITIN applicant in person or by video conference (except for dependent applicants under 18). We cannot process an application for someone whose identity we cannot verify.
  5. An ITIN applicant must have a tax reason for requesting the ITIN. For example, if you need to file a US tax return (1040/1040-NR), you have a tax reason for requesting an ITIN. Applying for a job, loan, credit card, housing… are NOT tax reasons and the IRS will NOT issue an ITIN in such case.
  6. As a Certified Acceptance Agent, we must submit your entire application. The IRS does not permit us to allow filing by third parties (i.e., self-filing, accountants, or tax preparers). If you are requesting an ITIN for your tax return, this means our Firm will file your tax return on your behalf.
  7. The ITIN application is not an attorney/legal service. The IRS reserves the right to audit our ITIN acceptance files at any time, and any information you give us to obtain the ITIN may be disclosed to the IRS and the US Government.
  8. Please read our ITIN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for answers to common questions we get regarding ITIN applications and use.

Fees and Documents

Our fee for acting as a Certified Acceptance Agent is $475. We accept payment in cash, credit card, check, or wire transfer. We will provide payment instructions once you contact us.

Please review the following documents before meeting with us

  1. Our Firm’s CAA Fee Agreement (please contact us as this must be read and signed before we can accept your application).
  2. Form W-7 Individual Taxpayer Identification Number Application (link to the current form on the IRS’ website).
  3. List of acceptable documents to verify identity for an ITIN (these are the only documents we are allowed to accept to verify your identity).
  4. Passport quality standards for scanned documents.
  5. IRS Publication 1915 Understanding your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

Please call us at (202) 888-6195 or email for more information or to schedule an appointment.